Join or Renew Membership

Starting October 1, 2020……..

Trail Ridge Mens Golf Club will accept returning, transfer and new member applications for Arizona Golf Association (AGA) registration and 2021 Trail Ridge Mens Golf Club membership. AGA dues if prepaid before 12/31/2020 are $30.00 and $35.00 afterwards and Golf Membership is $30.00. Please fill out the application completely with a check made to Trail Ridge Mens Golf Club (TRMGC) for $60.00 If paid by December 15. After December 15, all applications must be submitted with a $65.00 and will be deposited after January 1. The December 15 deadline will enable the Club to close the financial books for 2020. In the event you wish to renew directly with AGA, $30.00 prepaid directly to AGA up to December 31 will be required, $35.00 thereafter. TRMGC completed application accompanied with $30.00 membership will be required with self-renewal to AGA.

Noncompetitive play is an option for the Club which will not require AGA dues nor sweeps payment. Membership dues of $30.00 is required for noncompetitive players.

Membership application may be found next to the computer at the west entrance to the Golf shop. After completion, the application and check can be placed in the box in front of the application through the top opening.